Winds hit 69 mph yesterday in Buffalo.

It was the wind storm that just never seemed to end Sunday going into Monday and Western New Yorkers woke up to quite a mess outside. From fallen over trees and power lines to debris in the middle of the road, it's been a mess this morning. Tons of power outages happened across Western New York. All eight counties have many outages and NYSEG and National Fuel are working all units to try and get everyone up and running, but as of this morning, there were over 23,000 people without power.

More than 9,400 National Grid customers and more than 13,000 NYSEG customers are without power. These outages are scattered throughout western New York.


Erie is seeing the worst of it, with roughly 11,000 outages being reported by NYSEG, and thousands of others reported by National Grid", according to WGRZ.

There have been some really interesting situations out there.

#1. This trampoline in Lancaster just blew in a tree. Good luck getting that down.

#2. The pole here snapped at the base of this billboard and just completely crushed a gas station on Route 5 in Lackawanna.

#3. This wind turbine was messed up from all of the wind damage in Sheldon.

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