The snow is melting and, in most places is almost gone! As the grass is uncovered, the signs of spring are popping up. But we found something hidden under the snow in our yard that I have never seen before.

It looks like mini tunnels that are winding around the trees on the front lawn at our home in Hamburg and my first guess is that it is mice making their way under the snow. But I also found piles of food stored up as well. The piles look like they are bulbs from spring plants that have been dug up and put in individual piles? We didn't have any junk, brush or piles of trash for the mice to hide under, they just were staying away from the cold winter winds under the piles of snow!

Check out the photos of what we found in our yard. The kids had so many questions and now tell everyone we have a mice farm!

Mice Tunnels On The Front Lawn

We have been seeing mice around our garage and the traps have been set! Our kids keep asking about getting a cat but I am not ready to add another life to our home. With three little boys under 5 years old and two dogs, we have all we can handle at the moment.

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