This is simply the best time of the year. From now until New Year's Eve, we have the best weather and the best selection of things to do here in New York State. If you love the outdoors, Luke Combs summed up the way we feel in one Tweet.

The cooler air, the changing leaves and the shorter days are, as the kids say, a vibe. Yes, summer is fun and winter has lots offer. But the fall in New York State means football, hunting and the return of chili!!

I have been out hunting with my bow this season and now that I have three sons, it is even more special. I am trying to teach them to love and enjoy what the fall has to offer and trying to show them the importance and benefits of living the country lifestyle and understanding conservation and woodsman-ship.

The archery season is underway and this weekend is special for youth hunters in New York State. There is a special youth firearms season that will take place this weekend, October 8 and 9 in which 12-13 year-olds with the proper supervision and licensing can hunt for deer with a firearm. Good luck to everyone and like Luke Combs is trying to state, enjoy every moment of this special time of the year and all it has to offer!

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