It is hot out around here and  It seems to be only getting hotter here in New York State as the week goes on. In some parts of the state, temperatures will reach up to 1 90゚.

When will it rain again?

Out of the next 26 days, 25 of them are going to be hot and dry.

Taking a look at the Accu-Weather extended forecast, it looks like we will be seeing all sun and temperatures above 70゚ at the high except for June 6th all the way through June 24th.

In fact, June 24th is the next day where it actually looks like it will storm.  It is certainly going to be hot and dry around New York State for the next few weeks in June.

To be clear the Accu-Weather forecast is constantly changing so the drought and dry weather at the time of posting may differ if you check now.

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