Your 'What The Heck' story of the night is kind of disturbing. A man in Clearwater, Florida is being charged with impersonating a firefighter for 5 years to receive free food, gas and other items.

Robert Louis Spalla, 22, wore a T-shirt or jumpsuit with logos that looked like the ones on St. Petersburg Fire Department clothes. While Spalla was visiting a sick family member at the hospital in Florida, he claimed that he was a respected firefighter there to receive free food vouchers and special treatment in the hospital.

Spalla ended up admitting to detectives that he represented himself as a firefighter during a lot of occasions and would ask for free food or drinks at various Pinellas County businesses.

Of course, Spalla has never been employed as a firefighter. Ever.

He was arrested and is in jail one count of impersonating a firefighter with bail set at $5,000.


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