This time of year can be stressful, and everyone deals with stress differently.  Not many people however, can say that they run through shopping malls smashing displays with a hammer to ease their troubled minds.

That's just what happened though at The Fox Run Mall in Newington, New Hampshire.  According to The Union Leader , the man started his tirade at about 4:45 PM at a Kay Jeweler's store by trying to smash some displays there.  Those displays were made of shatterproof glass so he moved on to some other jewelry stores where he continued smashing displays and front windows with his hammer.

There were people down there that were screaming and dropping down because they thought it was gunfire.  --Matt Pilar, who works at the shoe store Journeys.

After smashing the windows to a couple other businesses, the man finally sat down on a bench across from one of the stores and threw down his hammer.  He then went on to say, "You can call me God."

I've heard that God shows himself in mysterious ways.  But somehow never guessed he would enjoy smashing windows with a hammer.

[Photo courtesy of user bhaktiamsterdam]