The remnant of Hurricane Hillary are sweeping across the United States and New York State will see it's share this week.

According to forecasters in the Buffalo, New York area, there will be some heavy rain coming in this week. Most of which will be arriving Wednesday afternoon and night.

Be ready for the possibility of flash floods.

California, Nevada and Arizona are dealing with the threat for floods and, to make matters worse, California is dealing with the after shocks of a 5.1 magnitude earthquake.

Here in Western New York, the humidity levels have come down and the cooler air is here. Enjoy the next few days of sunshine and dry weather before the rains arrive.

Traveling soon? The end of the summer is getting close and as we see the cooler air and temperatures drop, the gas prices are doing anything but drop!

The latest news regarding gas prices in New York State is that portions of Central New York are already paying over $4 per gallon at the pump.

Will it climb to $5 soon? Would anyone be surprised?

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