There is some exciting and interesting news for those who love to get their daily fix of Starbucks. There is a new policy that will be in place at participating locations that allows you to bring your own cup or mug!

For those who love coffee, the debate is normally about which coffee place is best? Here in New York State, the three biggest seem to be Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Dunkin'! Each has their own unique flavor and menu. However, right or wrong, people are judged by the coffee that they drink. There seems to be a certain status that comes with holding a Starbucks cup.

But that status may be masked if you choose to use your own mug from home when you get your coffee at Starbucks.

How does it work? That seems to be the biggest question. According to a report from Forbes:

For drive-thru orders, baristas will collect and return customers’ lidless cups with a contactless vessel.

The other big news this week, revolved around the latest craze over Stanley mugs. Apparently, most want the pink Starbucks mug and are willing to struggle with crowds to get their hands on one.

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