The tax deadline has come and gone in New York State and many wonder if changes are coming those who work full time?

All the things that you have said you would get done IF you had more free time may soon be checked off the list. There is a proposed federal bill that would change the length of the work week and allow those of us who work in New York State to have more time off.

Many of us have been working since we were in our early teens! For some, hard work and it's rewards go beyond the paycheck. However, as hard as we work, the paycheck is not keeping up with the price of things. And as we see more jobs being replaced by AI or other computer systems, some are saying humans shouldn't have to work as many hours.

Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill that would set a new threshold for overtime pay and even cut the amount of required hours in the work week.

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This seems to be a trend that has been ongoing without any legislation.

While some are excited about the idea of the new legislation, there are others who look at this as support for those who don't want to work long hours.

The prices these days are not only high, they are crushing the average family budget. What is to blame? Depends on who you ask. However, within the next few months, we may see some historic changes as we wait for the November Presidential Election. The theory is that in an election year, certain moves are made to make a candidate stand out. Will student loans be forgiven? Interest rates come down? What about another relief check? All of these seem to be possible.

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