It is the winter in New York State and there is a good chance that you are using more electric. The lights are on longer, the furnace is running and perhaps you have some electric heaters running as well? There is good news for some utility customers in New York State.

The winter of 2024 has started off rather mild compared to other years. With temps holding in the upper 30 and low 40 range, it is a far cry from the sub zero temps of other winters.

But there is some new technology that is arriving this year that not only will read your electric use more accurately, it will also let the power company know when there is a power outage.

The smart meters are starting to be installed in portions of Western New York but there is a fee if you say no to the installation at your home.

NYSEG says if someone doesn't want a smart meter, they can decide against getting one but must pay a $13.47 cent opt out fee to do so.

There will be a monthly opt-out fee, currently $13.47, after we complete upgrades in your neighborhood.

Have you changed the way you use electric at home? We have a hot tub and decided that, although we LOVE using it, it was a huge draw on electric and our bill was getting out of hand. We have also installed more efficient bulbs and unplugged things that we don't use.

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