As we put a wrap on 2023 and prepare for a new year, there is another recall that has been announced that affects a certain food that may have been sold in New York State.

The recall alerts have been pretty frequent over the last few months. From kids seats and toys, to applesauce and now pet food, there has been a slew of recalls. Some have been voluntary and others more serious.

The latest voluntary food recall is for pet food that may have a listeria or salmonella contamination.

Blue Ridge Beef recalled certain lots of its Puppy Mix, Kitten Grind and Kitten Mix pet foods. The products were primarily sold in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.

According to the USA Today:

The products were distributed between Nov. 14, 2023 and Dec. 20, 2023 and were primarily sold in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia, the FDA says. To date, no illnesses have been reported connected to the recalled products, Blue Ridge Beef told the agency.

The holidays can be a chaotic time for those with pets. However, let this be the annual reminder that certain plants and foods are dangerous to pets. For example, poinsettia plants. According to the AKC website, there is a mild risk to dogs.

Poinsettias are mildly toxic plants and should certainly be used with caution, but the dangers from poinsettias are hardly ever serious or fatal.

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