The summer is over and the school year is on! From Albany to Buffalo and Niagara Falls, there are millions of kids back in the routine of classes, after school activities and fun! Like mom always said, you better start your day with a good breakfast and that is now way more expensive if you include orange juice.

The weather this past summer was certainly interesting. Portions of New York State saw flooding while others had drought conditions. But we were not alone on the weather roller coaster this summer. Portions of the south had brutal growing conditions and that is forcing the prices to spike.

According to reports, the orange farmers in portions of Florida took a huge hit when storms blasted through and we end up with the bill to help recover the cost and losses.

CNBC reports that:

Future prices for the breakfast staple have been steadily climbing over the past few months, hitting a record high of $3.69 per pound Tuesday morning. That number is up 13% month to date and almost 78% year to date.

What is the truth about the current economy? It really depends on who you ask or where you get the news. There are some who say it is rebounding and getting strong. While others say it is a major problem that is being overlooked. Mortgage prices for a 30 year mortgage are well over the %7 mark and the prices for things are off the charts.

There are also major companies closing down locations for things like theft. We saw an announcement from Target this week about many locations in major cities closing due to crime!

What is the answer and what does the future hold? It may all shale out over the next few months as we get ready for the next Presidential election.

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