There is another storm approaching New York State and winter is about to take over, for real this time. How prepared are you to travel on the snowy and icy roads? Think ahead and be sure you are in the proper vehicle for the conditions.

If you drive in New York State, you know that the conditions can change instantly. Those who live in an area with frequent lake-effect snow storms know that the driving conditions can go from dry and clear to ice and snow within a mile or two. Having the right car or truck can make all the difference.

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While it is true that the right vehicle, with the proper tires, makes a huge difference, being smart and making good decisions on the road is also a must. Most of the traffic tie-ups are a result of a driver making a bad decision to either stop and get stuck or go too fast and slide off the road.

The forecast is calling for a rough weekend in New York State.

There are two dangerous drivers on the roads in the winter; those who are speeding and those who are way under speed. If you are behind someone who is going too slow, it can make for a longer commute than necessary and it can be a little scary to watch someone speed past you on a snow-covered road. The ideal way to drive is a steady and manageable speed for the conditions on the road.

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