The lake effect snow machine is about to drop one to three feet of snow across portions of New York State. As we wait to see where the band will set up and what towns get the most snow, there is a day to prepare before the snow starts to fly.

The winter took some time to get here and that is a blessing and a curse. This past Christmas was green for most of the state and while that is not ideal, it made for decent travel conditions for families. However, the more mild weather also keeps the Great Lakes wide open and favorable for massive amounts of lake effect snow to set up.

There are some things you can do to prepare. Beyond the usual things, like food and batteries and such, you need to be ready for the cleanup.

If you grew up in New York State, you have been told every year to get ready for the snow. Get the snow tires on, have more than a half tank of gas in the car, and keep food and blankets on hand for emergencies as well. But after the snow falls and the work begins, here are 7 items that will help to clean it all up.

The 7 Best Winter Tools For New York State Homes

The 7 Best Winter Tools For New York State Homes

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As we move to the end of the week, there will be a heavy amount of snow falling over Western New York. Be ready for whiteout conditions in the most persistent bands.

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