Matt Barkley is a fan favorite in Buffalo, but unfortunately he didn't make the 53 man roster.

The Buffalo Bills announced their final cuts today to get their roster to the required 53 players.  However, that doesn't necessarily mean that this is going to be the final 53 players on the team.  While it gives us a pretty good look at the players the Bills like, many of the moves that are being made can still be changed.

There is a whole lot to do for General Managers throughout the season as deadlines, and injuries occur.  For instance, sometimes they will cut veteran players at the deadline just to keep someone that they intend to put on Injured Reserve.  Then when they move that player to IR, they can resign the veteran.

The question is whether that will be the path for Matt Barkley.

The good news is that the Buffalo Bills have a lot of depth at most positions.  They've gotten themselves into a really good spot where many of the players they end up cutting go on to be productive pieces on other teams.

Barkley was the backup for Josh Allen in 2020 but then was cut from the Bills in 2021 when they were able to bring in Mitch Trubisky.  After Mitch went to Pittsburgh for a better chance at a starting position, the Bills resigned Barkley to backup Josh Allen once again in 2022.

Then they were able to land Case Keenum and Barkley's position was once again in danger.

He proved to be an asset to the team as he stepped in as an emergency punter after the Matt Araiza scandal became known and has always been a capable backup to Allen, but he will probably find himself on the practice squad for the year, unless something happens that will require him to be moved up.

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