When you think of America, you imagine the corporate companies that make up the real estate landscape.

When you drive down the I-90 in Western New York, or anywhere really, you come across pockets of restaurants and gas stations; they're typically the same ones too.

McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Tim Horton's, etc.

The drive-thru lines at places like McDonald's are super lengthy, especially in the morning and afternoon (breakfast and dinner). Sometimes they wrap around the building and you have to wait 10-15-20 minutes for your food.

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This past week, I went to the McDonald's on Abbott Road in Lackawanna. It was after 10 pm and the drive-thru line was pretty backed up, but with the limited options open at that point, most people just decide to wait.

When I reached the first window, I noticed a car in front of me do something that I can't even believe someone would do...they chucked all of their garbage out the window. It was a bag, paper and some kind of plastic cup -- just threw it out the window, like nobody was watching.

If you're wondering, yes, you can get fined for littering in New York and it's pretty sizable. A first conviction is $350 and/or perform public service. A second time caught is $700.

Don't throw garbage out of the window. There's absolutely zero reason for it. If you're that concerned about garbage in your vehicle, then keep a small bag to toss it inside the car and then toss that bag into an appropriate garbage bin when you get a chance.

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