We're about a month away from Easter Sunday, which will be April 9th. The weather is not quite as warm as we would like it to be right now, but hopefully by the second weekend of April  we can enjoy some 50's and 60's for high temperatures.

That means the Lenten season is well underway. It's a time where those who are Catholics make sacrifices, with the most notable being abstaining from eating meat on Fridays during Lent.

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2023 is a bit different, however.

That's because St. Patrick's Day just happens to fall on a Friday this year. That's normally a day that is celebrated by people eating meat, but that also normally doesn't happen on Fridays during Lent.

The Diocese of Buffalo is allowing Catholics to eat meat on Friday, March 17th this year. However, they ask to choose another day that week to abstain from eating meat.

This is a very noteworthy development, because it doesn't normally happen. The Diocese of Buffalo is allowing a change in Lent plans because of the spiritual and cultural influence of St. Patrick's Day, which is a holiday taken very seriously in the City of Buffalo.

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