Haven't we all had The Polar Express experience in elementary school? Where you are allowed to wear your pajamas and the teacher serves everyone hot cocoa and cookies and then you read The Polar Express book? Those were the days!

But did you know, there's actually a Polar Express train ride in Medina this year?

According to Step Out Buffalo, the Polar Express Train Ride will be happening on recurring dates, from November 30th to December 15th at the Medina Railroad Museum.

You'll hop aboard an actual train, where you will be served hot chocolate and a cookie from dancing chefs and waiters! You'll even get your own golden ticket punched, just like the book and movie. You can even wear, PAJAMAS! That's a huge plus.

You'll also be treated to The Polar Express story AND, Santa will climb aboard the train to give each child a silver bell from his sleigh.

You can also take a picture in front of the giant sleigh at the museum.

Dates for the Polar Express Train Ride are:

  • November 30
  • December 1st
  • December 7th
  • December 8th
  • December 14th
  • December 15th

They ask you to arrive one hour prior to your train departure. To find out more and get tickets, visit their website.


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