If you go out to any store nowadays, it's pretty easy to fall into the trap of impulse purchases, whether they're at grocery stores, department stores, malls, even gas stations.

But according to USA Today's national business correspondent, Charisse Jones, men spend more on impulse purchases.

“I think that women are more practical and they’re more frugal even when they splurge, contrary to stereotypes,” said Jones.

“Men might buy, you know, bigger-ticket items, like they might want to get electronics, [whereas] women are going for a pair of shoes, or a mascara, or lip gloss. So there’s a lot of stereotypes that we spend a lot more, but we actually, when we splurge, we’re thinking about that family budget,” Jones added.

According to a recent survey done by CNBC/SurveyMonkey, nearly 90% of Americans say they make impulse purchases.

It's hard to pass up the peanut butter M&M's when you check out, though! This isn't a surprise in all honesty. As a man myself, I have certainly spent a life's worth of money on stuff I don't really need...

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