The Buffalo Bills lost to the AFC Divisional round to the Cincinnati Bengals 27-10. It was a game that Bills fans would like to forget but sadly, will not for a long time.

The Bills have had signs they were not prepared for a game like this but it was still a bit of a shock to some fans, who were used to the Bills winning or close losses. This was different.

The Bills were out-coached on offense and defense, and the Bengals did whatever they wanted at the line of scrimmage. It's evident the Bills need upgrades at wide receiver and offensive line. The defense was missing Micah Hyde and Von Miller, along with defensive tackle DaQuan Jones, who was in there all season, but the defensive game plan was as bad as its ever been in Buffalo since Leslie Frazier has been the defensive coordinator.

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The Bills players are having their locker room cleanout day on Monday, with some players speaking to the media.

Safety Micah Hyde addressed the media and gave some news that's bittersweet to Bills fans.

Hyde said he would have played next Sunday had the Bills won. He was medically cleared late last week from his neck surgery recovery and was practicing with the team since the end of the regular season.

Hyde was inside his 21-day window to return to the 53-man roster, since he was back at practice after being moved from injured reserve. He suffered a neck injury against the Tennessee Titans back in week 2.

Defensive tackle Jordan Phillips admitted he has been playing through a torn rotator cuff and will have surgery in the off-season.

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