If you think less is more, a new apartment complex coming to Buffalo may be the perfect answer if you're looking to downsize, save money, or find a place of your own.

WKBW shared the story of the approved plans to build a 322 apartment complex to be named "Rails on Main", that will be located downtown on the corner of Hertel and Main. The architect, Michael Conroe, explained how the location could not be any better, situated between the UB South and medical campus, " It should be a big draw for students" .

The complex will feature micro apartments, also known as studio apartments, to help draw students. These apartments are only 400 sqaure feet but will come fully furnished and include a bedroom, bathroom and small kitchen. Although many may think 400sqft is way too small for living quarters, Conroe stated:

"When you're inside the unit it's not going to feel like a 400 square foot apartment."

I think this is great for Buffalo, and will attract many students with its great location and ranging prices to help cater to all budgets. Do you think you could live in a 400 sqft apartment? Let me know!


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