The Buffalo Bills host the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday at Highmark Stadium. It will be the Falcons first game in Orchard Park since 2005. The previous Bills home game against Atlanta was played in Toronto in 2013.

The Bills are first in the AFC East after their win last weekend against the New England Patriots, and get to play their final two regular season games at home; the first being against the Falcons tomorrow.

The Falcons are 7-8 and likely not making the playoffs this season, but they still boast multiple weapons on offense like longtime quarterback Matt Ryan, rookie tight end Kyle Pitts and running backs Cordarrelle Patterson and Mike Davis.

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Davis made news in Buffalo on Saturday night, as he tweeted his amazing love for wings in Buffalo, and said that Bar-Bill wings were the best he's ever had.

This after he tweeted back in June that Atlanta had the best wings...

Bills long-snapper Reid Ferguson replied to Davis (both are Georgia natives) that he had to try the wings in Western New York, at Bar-Bill first, before re-trying that statement and Davis obliged.

You just don't know how great the wings in Buffalo are, until you have had them. It's so cool to see both Reid Ferguson and Bar-Bill step up to make sure Mike Davis had a great experience and had his opinion changed forever.

Not to be outdone, Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs had a ton of wings ready for former teammate Cordarrelle Patterson, who emerged this year as a running back for the Falcons.

How amazing is that? Patterson appears to be using forks for those wings though...

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