The threat of a missile attack on the United States has always been something that the military has had it's sights on. However, as technology and politics in the world changes, the treat is still very real.

Because of our proximity to the east coast, Canada and our resources such as The Great Lakes and Niagara Falls, officials have taken a few steps to be prepared should any attack threaten the region.

According to a report field by Metro Source News:

Fort Drum could be a missile guardian for the East Coast. The Pentagon wants to build a ballistic missile interceptor base but some New York representatives are arguing the site be put in Fort Drum. Congressmen Chris Collins and Tom Reed both signed a letter saying Fort Drum would be a strategic and cost-effective location.

That means that the base just outside of Watertown, NY could be the place that missiles are launched to intercept enemy missiles before they land anywhere along the east coast.

Source: and Metro Source News

Ft Drum (Google)
Ft Drum (Google)

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