There may be about 2.8 million people who live in Western New York, but we’re hoping that at least one person knows where this bride is. 

It’s not a case of a runaway bride, but rather a lost bride that we are trying to find, because she lost something that belongs to her and she may not even know that she lost it yet. 

However, if the gift does not get returned to this bride before Father’s Day, she’s going to definitely notice it’s absence. 

Amanda Martin lives in Ephrata, PA, and after she finished her shopping at CostCo a few days ago, she noticed something on the ground. 

It was a tie clip, but it wasn’t just any tie clip. 

Martin shared photos of the clip on Facebook, along with a plea that requested friends and family to share the post in hopes of finding the missing bride. 

“This is a long shot, but I found this tie clip today in the parking lot of Costco in Lancaster. The front says “Father of the Bride” and the back says “I loved you first.” Please feel free to share this post. Thought this might be special to someone.”

When Martin wrote “Lancaster,” many Western New Yorkers assumed she was referring to our Lancaster….however, due to the context of her living in Pennsylvania near the Ephrata area, it sounds like Martin found the clip in Lancaster, PA. 

HOWEVER…we’re the City of Good Neighbors, and we always want to help out when we can. 

That’s why many people have been sharing this post about the tie clip in hopes that somebody, somewhere in Western New York knows who this might belong to. 

With Father’s Day being right around the corner, it would be bittersweet to reunite this bride with something so sentimental like this personalized tie clip. 

Share this post, tag your friends, and let’s find this bride! 

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