Breast-feeding woman in one corner, court judge in another.

A woman is on the verge of being fined and/or serving jail time because she had jury duty and had to bring her child to court in order to breastfeed.

Laura Trickle, a Missouri woman, was summoned to serve last month, and she told the court that she was nursing her son. She asked if she could be exempt, and after they said that they would not exempt her she went....and brought her now-7-month-old son with her.

The judge was not too happy with Laura and said that she must either find a babysitter or “use a private room to pump milk and store it, feeding it to their children later.” But, she said that neither plan would work because she was a stay-at-home mom with no childcare option.

I would be able to pump on breaks, unfortunately Axel doesn't take a bottle, so that's not an option for us. The other option was to have someone stay with me all day and then be able to nurse on breaks. But since I'm a stay at a home mom we don't have childcare.

Who's right? The judge or Laura? What should she have done?

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