Law enforcers are often criticized for breaking laws that they supposedly enforce.

One judge made quite the embarrassing slip-up in his own courtroom when he broke his own rule: no cell phones.

It's even posted in the courtroom.

But, I give Judge Raymond Voet a lot of credit. Last week, he fined himself, just like he would have if anyone else's phone went off in the middle of the closing arguments.

Voet has posted his policy in Ionia County District Court, letting all who enter his courtroom know:

"[If] phones go off during proceedings, they'll be confiscated and returned only after a $25 fine has been paid."

"The prosecutor was in the middle of his closing arguments. … He lost his train of thought and looked at me. I felt my face starting to burn red. I like my phone as much as anybody else but, it's very distracting," the judge said.

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