“Especially now with people all around me trying to pay their mortgages and get by, I have $5,000 I can put towards my baby’s future, and $5,000 makes a difference in my life. Here’s the chance for me to do something really positive for my unborn son or daughter.” Yeah..now explain to you kid that his name is Kemosabi because the internet picked that name.

Natasha Hill, 27, is a school teacher and has been given $5,000 by the sponsor baby-name website Belly Ballot, which offered the $5,000 for naming rights. Due in September with her first child, the 27-year-old Hill won a contest and now it is up to online voters to choose the baby's name from a list of five girl and five boy names, which can only be supplied by the website. Hill has no say in the names. Voters will be allowed one vote per person per sex.

Is this bizarre? Would you ever take money and have somebody else name your baby? Here' the catch...you can't change the name.

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