Sometimes when things are going badly, all you need is for someone to tell you it's going to be ok.  That's what these moms are for.

It's no secret that Josh Allen is going through a bit of a rough patch this season.  He started off firing on all cylinders, but through the last 3 weeks has thrown 6 interceptions that were extremely costly.  He's made some bad decisions for sure.  However, even though he's struggling, Western New York is still behind him.

Take this group, for instance.

A group of moms in Western New York has banded together to show Josh Allen that we still support him and that everything is going to be ok.  They've even put together a petition to sign to show him just how many people trust in him.

The petition itself is written exactly the way that a doting mom would speak to their child.  It essentially says that he doesn't need to bear our burden...that he doesn't need to take it all on his shoulders.

"We want Josh Allen to know that he shouldn't feel the weight of our history  -- that started long before he was born -- on his shoulders.  We love our QB, win or lose."

Then it goes on to give him some advice to start feeling himself again.

And don't forget to eat healthy foods and get lots of sleep (and slide when getting those extra yards -- we worry)!

This city still loves this guy.  He's super exciting to watch and has brought us closer to being a relevant team than we have been in decades.  It's still early in the season.  Look at it this way, if the Bills can win the next three, we're back to 9-3 and feeling good again.

Want to sign the petition for Josh?  As I write this article, 11,189 have already signed it. The goal is to get to 15,000, which when this goes viral is going to be blown out of the water (without a doubt).  Click here to join in and show your support.

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