Did someone win the $1.9 billion Powerball jackpot yet?

The answer is....

UPDATE: 9:42 AM   The Powerball numbers have been picked an announced! The numbers for Monday's drawing are:

10, 33, 41, 47, 56


Earlier this morning, they are still waiting for the numbers TO BE PICKED! The Powerball officials have called a technical delay on the drawing that was scheduled to be at 10:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. On the Powerball website it reads 'results pending'.

YOU CANNOT buy another ticket. The timeframe to purchase a ticket is already closed. The California Lottery tweeted out that the Powerball 'has strict security requirements that must be met by all 48 lotteries before a drawing can occur'.

This is the second time in the past 2 months that the Powerball Drawing has delayed picking the numbers. The first delay took less than an hour.

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