You all know you fight over the Scottie Dog when it comes to playing a game of Monopoly.  Well, now there may just be some new options coming to a board game near you.

Don't worry, your favorites aren't going anywhere.  But Monopoly will be selling a new version of their game for a limited time.

The new version will include some of these as options:

  • A hashtag sign
  • TV
  • Tyrannosaurus rex
  • an old-school Zack Morris cell phone
  • sunglasses
  • scooter
  • roller skate
  • record player
  • a rubber ducky
  • four different emoji faces:  Smiling face . . . winking and smiling . . . kissing face . . . and the face that's laughing with tears

I say "some of these options" because they are looking to you for your vote.  They want YOU to choose.

There are many more to vote from.  So get your vote in now!

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