We've been making wings in Western New York for years.  It's what we do.  Now, people are getting pretty creative with it too!

Buffalo is known for their wings

Years ago, the Buffalo wing was created in Western New York.  While there is a little controversy about when and how it was created, there's no doubt that it happened here.  Ever since we have been frying them up and serving them to people with a side of bleu cheese and celery.

It's no longer a question of hot, medium, or mild

For years, the three options that you had for your wings were hot, medium, or mild.  They would be prepared with a special "Buffalo" sauce (which is where they get their name - they don't come from buffaloes) that is made from hot sauce, butter, and other spices.

But now, you can get all kinds of options.  They come available in the originals still, but now you can also get them in barbeque, cajun, honey mustard, lemon pepper, and a ton more.

This is the most unique flavor I've seen in a while

Living in Buffalo my entire life, I've seen just about every flavor of wing there is.  I've even tried "loganberry" flavored wings (which is another Western New York flavor).  But this is the first time I've seen this flavor...

PB&J wings!

It's a unique flavor for wings. Years ago, I was able to try out what they called the peanut butter rocket burger which was a burger that was made with peanut butter and jalapenos.  It was amazing, and it was one of the most unique things I've ever had.

Would you try peanut butter and jelly wings?  Or have you already tried them?

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