The game might not have gone the way we hoped it would as Buffalo Bills fans, but it was historic nonetheless.  There were a couple of records beaten that night.

On Monday night, the Buffalo Bills took on the New York Jets in what was one of the most hyped-up games to start the season.  It was two division rivals going head to head.  One team with a quarterback who has been great, but unproven, and another with a first-ballot hall of famer.  It was worth the hype.  Even after Aaron Rodgers left the game with an injury it came down to the wire.  The game went to overtime and the Jets brought home their first win of the season.

The game was historical in more than one way

This game was going to be one for the football history books regardless of the outcome.  It was Aaron Rodgers' first game as a New York Jet.  It was something that people were talking about all summer after they finally got the deal done.  But it was also a record breaker.

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The first record was a television record

The Bills/Jets game was a huge ratings win for Monday Night Football.  It drew 22.6 million viewers on Monday night.  It was a ratings record.  That was the most people that had ever watched Monday Night Football since it's been on ESPN and it was up 14% from the 2022 Monday Night Football season opener.

It's great to think that so many people were invested in that game, until you realize that 22.6 million people watched the Bills collapse.  Then it's a little less promising.

The second was a broadcaster record

The announcers for the game were Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.  It's two names that you've heard a lot from over the last couple of years.  As a matter of fact, with that game, they became the longest-tenured broadcast team.  They surpassed Pat Summerall and John Madden, who are easily considered icons when it comes to Monday Night Football broadcasts.

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