Most people in Western New York follow a very simple rule that most of us were taught at a very young age.

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The 5-Second Rule. If you don't know about the 5-second rule, it is simple. If you drop a piece of food on the floor you have five seconds to pick it up and then eat it. Apparently, the dirt and germs cannot stick to the food if it is under 5 seconds.

I will state that I am no doctor or scientist so please take my thoughts on this rule with any a gain of salt. I totally believe in the 5-second rule. I grew up in West Seneca with two older brothers and anytime we had good food it was a fight to get the most you could.

So if a piece of candy, steak, french fries, or any other highly valued piece of food fell off your plate and onto the ground, you would have to quickly pick it up and throw it into your mouth.  You didn't want to waste any of the good stuff. Now if a Brussell spout or beet hit the ground, as a kid I would yell gross I ain't eating that, it fell on the ground.

It seems that most people in Western New York also follow this simple rule when it comes to food. It also depends on what is dropped, where it is dropped (Home = Good to Eat, Office = No Go) and if you have dogs in your home. As a cat person, apparently, dogs are lightning-quick when it comes to grabbing wayward food and you don't even get decided if you want to invoke the 5-second rule.

Also, it seems to be that more men are cool with the 5-second rule and more women tend to shy away from it. That could also explain why women live longer than men!

We asked on social media if people observe the 5-second rule, check out what Western New Yorkers had to say.

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