Hello! It's Craig Matthews reminding you it's time again for the Erie County Sheriff's Mounted Unit semi-annual food drive we call, "Mounted for Meals". I say "we" because as many of you know my main career is in law enforcement.I have been a part of the Mounted Unit since 1996.

Twice a year, the Mounted Unit saddles up and volunteers our time to help the Food Bank of Western New York. During the Christmas season you'll see us at the Southgate Plaza in West Seneca. At Easter, you'll find us at the famous Broadway Market. That's where you'll see us this Thursday, March 28th from 10:00AM -1:00PM collecting perishable and nonperishable food and cash.

So if you're planning a trip down to the Broadway Market look for us and our horses and make a contribution if you are able. Even Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard will be riding with us this year. To learn more about the wonderful work of the Food Bank of Western New York click here. We wish you a happy Easter and Passover season.


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