It is one of the bumpiest stretches of road in Western New York. If you travel from Hamburg to Orchard Park, you may be glad to know it's about to get some work.

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Armor Duells Road in Orhcard Park from the 219 to Armor is getting a makeover starting Wednesday morning.

Signs are posted int he area to indicate the milling and paving that will take care of the crumbled and bumpy road that makes it a challenge for drivers. Since the Erie County Fair was canceled this summer, that stretch of road will not see the added volume it would normally see this week.

It was just a few weeks ago that work on McKinley Parkway in Blasdell was completed. The smooth asphalt sure is nice to drive on.

As the fall approaches and we get ready for the snow and ice, it will be great to have Armor Duells back to a more derivable condition. The wear and tear from potholes and cracks on vehicles really adds up and with the amount of deer that cross the road in that area of Orchard Park, drivers need to focus. That has been hard to do when you are weaving around the craters that make it like a mine field.

The good news is that more people are working from home and the amount of cars that will be affected by the construction has been diminished. For those of us who are still coming to downtown from the Southtowns, this work is welcomed!

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