It’s never happened before, but this change is something you are going to love. 

The Buffalo Wing Festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year at Highmark Stadium during Labor Day weekend. It’s one of the few chances you get in the year to actually go down to the NFL field, walk around and hang out. 

Of course, there are tons of fun events at the Buffalo Wing Festival too. 

Notice anything new??? 

It’s the first year that the Buffalo Wing Festival will be holding a mullet competition! 

The USA Mullet Championships will be at the Buffalo Wing Festival, looking for Western New Yorkers that have a flow they want to show! It is an official qualifying event for the USA Mullet Championships, which has been known to team up with Wigs 4 Kids. You can read more about that here. 

The mullet competition will happen at 4:00 pm on Saturday, Sept. 3 at Highmark Stadium. 

There are some other contests as well, including one that your kid can be a part of and bobbing for wings in a tub of blue cheese, if that’s not the most Buffalo thing you ever heard….

Held on Saturday, Sept. 3 - Sunday,, Sept. 4, the festival gets started around noon and it’s only $20 for the day. You can get food tickets with cash on site, with one ticket costing $1.50 (that will get you one chicken wing). Beverages, however, are sold cashless, so you will probably want to bring a debit card into the stadium as well. 

And if you’re not sure what to wear with your chicken wing hat, this could be a good choice.

You can get your tickets for the festival here

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