We all know the saying "Dog's are a man's best friend", but it should be "Dog's are a man's smartest friend". I recently ran across this story WGRZ had posted about how dogs can sense things we cannot. Seems obvious, I mean I know dogs could hear far-off distant sounds that I can't, as well as have a very strong sense of smell. Turns out I was right, But what I didn't know was that with that sharp sense of smell and hearing comes the ability to detect cancer, low insulin levels, and even natural disasters as stated by Buzz60's Sam Berman. 

Now although this is really cool, it's not however true for all dogs. My dog Sophie knows exactly when it's time to eat breakfast and dinner, but I don't think she could sense a natural disaster, just because she loves thunder and isn't phased by loud sounds. My guess, she would probably wag her tail at the sound of a Tornado or Hurricane instead of barking and trying to get me to a safe place to take shelter... Check out the whole story and make sure you give your dog(s) lots of biscuits, you never know when they may save your life!

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