One of my passions besides being on the radio is fantasy football. I was so down about the NFL Lockout and got happy again because the lockout ended. I cannot imagine being without football. I first and foremost am a huge Bills fan but watch all teams to root for the players on my fantasy team.

Saturday night we got together for our annual draft. There are two rooms full of friends sitting around with laptops, fantasy magazines and cheat sheets and also surrounded by tons of food. On the menu was Buffalo chicken wing dip, roast beef sandwiches, chili, taquitos, sweet and sour meatballs, buffalo chicken and potatoes, Rice Krispies treats and root beer floats among many other items. We also wear football jerseys. It's a great fun time the guys hanging out and choosing players to fill our fantasy teams.

So here's how the draft went, results of my team by round...

Round 1- Aaron Rodgers Packers QB... This was the pick that changed the outlook of the entire draft, no one at that draft expected that I was going to pick Aaron Rodgers at #3, but I did! I don't even have to explain why I made this pick I think it's pretty self explanatory. I have never been super keen on the running back position especially choosing one with the first pick. I am a firm believer that the team is built around the quarterback, you can always get a decent running back in the 2nd round, that I also accomplished as you'll see. Everyone thought that I would probably go with Arian Foster or Jamaal Charles or another running back that would fall to me at 3. By the way the first two picks in the draft were Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster.

Round 2- Steven Jackson Rams RB... I had this guy on my radar, he's a proven star he can run and he catches a ton of balls every year. The concerns with Jackson was the injuries, he played all sixteen games last season but was injured in 2008 and 2009. His numbers in 2010 were great 1,241 rushing yards and 383 receiving yards. Another concern was the additon of Cadillac Williams to the Rams backfield and sure Williams will get his fair share of carries but Jackson is the man for the Rams and he'll still have great numbers. Those concerns were not enough to turn me off to Steven Jackson.

Round 3- Desean Jackson Eagles WR... So at this pick I had my quarterback and running position settled, I needed a number one wide receiver and Desean Jackson was on the board. Here's a guy that has had great numbers the last couple of seasons, over 2100 yards receiving. Jackson held out the first few days of camp for a bigger contract and more money, which to this point he has not gotten, I can't see that being a concern. He is worth more and has the opportunity again this year to show his worth to the Eagles organization. With Michael Vick taking over the Eagles starting job last season Desean had fewer catches with 47, 15 fewer than 2009 when Donovan McNabb was throwing him the ball. Desean is great in the open field and seems to make the amazing long catches where a touchdown seems to follow. Another pick for me that should have great return.

Round 4- Santonio Holmes Jets WR... This pick scared me a little bit, first off because Mark Sanchez is his quarterback and I am not huge Sanchez fan, he's good not just at the top of my list of great quarterbacks. I'm sure he'll be fine, I mean the Jets have been a playoff team with him at the helm. Back to Santonio, he will now be competing for catches opposite of newly acquired ex-jailbird Plaxico Burress. It'll be interesting to watch but Holmes will be the number one man for the Jets. I would be concerned with Burress, will he be in the same form as he was before he went to jail? Santonio Holmes has more upside, that's why I made that pick.

Round 5- LeGarrette Blount Tampa Bay RB... I was a little surprised I got him in the fifth round, I figured someone would steal him before my pick, to my delight he was there and I nabbed him. Blount only played in 13 games in 2010 and had a 1,007 yard rushing season along with six touchdowns. This guy showed a ton of promise and will more than likely following this season he could be a top 10 running back. With Cadillac Williams going to the Rams, Blount is undoubtedly the starter for the Bucs. I am honored to have an upcoming superstar on my team!

Round 6- Cedric Benson Bengals RB... If he can stay out of trouble and the police beat he will be another guy that can shine this season for the Bengals. With the departure of quarterback Carson Palmer who retired, the Bengals will more than likely depend on rookie quarterback Andy Dalton. That doesn't bode very well for the Bengals passing game. The Bengals will rely heavily on Benson, he can run and he can catch the ball. Benson last season had 1,111 rushing and he caught 28 passes for 178 yards. When I was doing my research for the draft I figured staying away from any Bengals player would be a good idea but Benson is a great pickup, he will be utilized a ton this season.

Round 7- Mike Sims-Walker Rams WR... The former Jaguar is now with the St. Louis Rams who showed a ton of promise finally with the passing game and quarterback Sam Bradford who was the first overall draft pick in 2010. Bradford has some experience under his belt after a full season now has Sims-Walker a guy who had just three less touchdowns than Texans superstar wide receiver Andre Johnson last season. The Rams had alot of wide receiver issues with injuries and quarterback Sam Bradford still had an impressive season. Mike Sims-Walker will be a great number two and a possible number one fantasy wide receiver!

Round 8- Philadelphia DST... Normally in our drafts Defenses go in the later rounds, I was happy that I was able to get the Philadelphia defense. Philly's defense will be dangerous, they made some huge acquisitions in the off-season including Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins and the most sought after free agent Nnamdi Asomugha. I think those acquisitions pretty much say it all.

Round 9- Julio Jones Falcons WR... Total sleeper pick! The Falcons traded up in the draft to get this guy and I am excited to see what he can do. He will play opposite of star wide receiver Roddy White but Julio will get his fair share of catches. I made a risk with this pick, but I feel confident that picking Julio Jones will pay off.

Round 10- Rob Gronkowski Patriots TE... In my research alot of fantasy experts all called this guy a sleeper and I have no reason to think any different. He's got Tom Brady as his quarterback and he will no doubt continue to be utilized in the Patriots offense. Gronkowski played in 16 games last year and finished with 42 catches for 546 yards and 11 touchdowns, few tight ends had better numbers in 2010.

Round 11- James Starks Packers RB... Sound familiar Buffalonians? Yes, this is the running back that plays for the Packers, his name became very popular to everyone at the end of last season when he was the guy for the Packers in their Super Bowl run. Starks got to play mainly because of the early season ending injury to Ryan Grant. Grant is back this season, but for some reason I am thinking that Grant will lose some playing time to Starks and if Grant gets re-injures his ankle the Packers will turn to Starks. He is one guy that I wanted to lock up so that no one else could pick him up. How's that for strategy? I love being able to pick up a guy that I watched play for the University At Buffalo, he shined for Buffalo and it was great seeing him win in a Super Bowl last season.

Round 12- Kevin Kolb Cardinals QB... Not my first choice for backup quarterback but when I picked he was probably the best one that was left. Kolb has less than ten NFL starts, he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals from the Eagles following the lockout. The Cardinals had multiple quarterbacks start last season with little success. Kolb will be an upgrade at the quarterback position for the Cardinals and should be a fine bye week quarterback for my fantasy team.

Round 13- Emmanuel Sanders Steelers WR... As we get in to the later rounds of the draft we tend to make picks that are impulse picks, that I did with in rounds thirteen or fourteen. My concetration is pretty much shot at that point, I mean at this point we have been going strong for almost three hours. Emmanuel Sanders is the number three wide receiver for the Steelers. He showed promise last season and could get even more action this year behind wide receivers Hines Ward and Mike Wallace.

Round 14- Ryan Williams Cardinals RB... IMPULSE PICK ALERT with obviously no research... After I announced this pick Seapaw from shouted out "he's out for the season" and he laughed. I immediately yelled out "wait I don't want him, let me pick someone else" unfortunately I was stuck. I will be dropping him for another backup running back who is left. I may pick up Raiders backup Michael Bush who I know is left. A word to the wise... do your research!

Round 15- Adam Vinatieri Colts K... I needed a kicker and he was available, that's pretty much it.

My passion, fantasy football... thanks for reading. If you have tips or would like to tell me who your favorite players or sleepers are post below! I'd also love to hear of what your draft consists of... what has become your fantasy tradition?