There is no question that there are plenty of Tim Horton's in the city of Buffalo, and based on the lines that I pass through every morning, this is the favorite place for many people in Western New York. Like many people, I would have to say I visit Tim Horton's quite a bit, ok, I'll say it's every day. Are you a drive-through person like me? If so, then I'm sure you have to consider some of the annoying things that we have to deal with in order to get to those favorite go-to items on the menu. Like, the person in front of you that never seem to know what they want, or the person that is too busy texting on their phone instead of keeping up with the vehicle in front of them. I think you get the picture, I guess dealing with these things is worth it to get what you need to get you going in the morning.

My Top 6 Go To Items At Tim Hortons

Depending on the night before, the first thing I eat the next morning is extremely important. Here's what I mean, like many people, I've had some pretty long nights especially being a DJ, there are some when I will need a nice breakfast sandwich. and a hashbrown. Here is a look at my top 6 go-to items.

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