If you love a good mystery, here is one that is getting plenty of attention and the best part is, IF you are the first to solve it, you win!

Introducing the Clay and Company "Mystery Box"!

There are two people who know what is inside this box and we are not telling you what it is. However, each day, you can ask a yes or no question to reveal clues. If you get a yes, you are allowed to make a guess and if you are right, you win what ever it is on the inside!

The only way to win is by calling the show at 716-842-9975

So far, we have had a few guesses and here they are...

Is it designed for outdoor use? YES
Is it commonly used by women? NO
Is it fragile? NO
Is it something you can wear? NO
Is it Buffalo Bills related? NO
Does the wrapping have anything to do with it? NO
Can you eat it?? NO
Did Clay pay for it? No
Is there more than one thing in the box? Yes
Do you have to use it with multiple people? YES
Are They Concert Tickets? YES

Good luck with the guesses! We will take ONE call each weekday at 7:10. The more you listen and check back here for updates, the better your chance to win what is inside the Clay and Company "Mystery Box"!

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