You never really need a reason to eat ice cream, but if for some strange reason you do, Sunday (July 15th) is National ice cream day! With that being said, the toughest part of celebrating this day is trying to figure out what flavor you want to indulge in, What's the most popular, or what's in the top ten?

A survey, completed by YouGov, wanted to know what flavors people liked the best. they asked folks from all over the country and the findings may not be what you expected. I was shocked to read the results, keep in mind there's a ton of ice cream flavors out there, so I really was expecting some strange flavors to be in the top ten list.

Shocker, once again I was wrong!...It turns out the most popular flavor bu those surveyed was...Chocolate!! Second place went to vanilla, and third place really took me for surprise, Butter Pecan... Um what? What happened to cookie Dough, Cotton Candy, or Rockyyyy Roaddd ( said in my best Sloth voice from the Goonies).

If you wanna see the rest of the top ten list, and check out whether your favorite made the list. click here! 

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