The way we take media in these days is completely different than it was when we were kids.  It's something our parents said, and it's true today.

The internet is going a little crazy reminiscing after this tweet went out the other day...

Think about all the stuff that's different.

Kids miss out on snow.  Yup, the fuzzy picture when a certain network didn't come in really well was called snow.  We got a lot of it in Buffalo.

If we are mentioning the bathroom fridge breaks like the tweet above, kids are missing out these days on calling "safe" on a seat and then coming back to find the seat is already taken.

They miss out on episodes that end with "...To Be Continued."  You don't have to wait.  You can watch an entire season in a weekend if you want.

There are no re-runs.  Remember the excitement you would get when your favorite show was on?  Then the incredible disappointment when you found out that you'd already seen that one before...

They don't have to worry about if you have a blank tape to tape it on.


There's a million more reasons.  What are yours?


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