You would think finding money on the ground is a good thing BUT it could mean some major bad luck for you if it is not head's up!

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Earlier this week, I was leaving work with a co-worker who bent down to pick up a quarter that was on the sidewalk. I said don't pick it up unless it is head's up. It is bad luck it the tails side is showing.

He had no idea what I meant! I was always told that it is bad luck to pick up a penny or any other kind of coin that was tails up!

Even the Daily Herald confirmed this:

“Find a penny pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck.” You’ve probably heard that little rhyme, right? It actually has a pretty interesting origin.

Many ancient cultures believed metals were precious gifts from the gods and would bring you good luck when found. Though pennies are not worth much, picking them up was also considered good luck because it increased your wealth. The bad luck from pennies comes from the understanding of a constant battle between good and evil. If one thing is good, the other must be bad. If one side of a penny brings good luck, the other side brings bad.

This is where the heads up for luck and tails for bad luck comes from. If you find a penny with the “good” side up, pick it up. If the “bad” side is up, leave it be.

What you should do if you see a penny or any other metal change on the ground that is tails up is turn it over so it is heads up and that way you will give the next person some good luck.

When it comes to paper money, the gloves are off. If you see a dollar go ahead and grab it no matter what it looks like.

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