I don’t know about you but I’m not one to sit at home no matter what the weather is like outside. Give me sunshine, rain, snow, whatever I’ll find something fun to do. If you’re like me and running out ideas of exciting events I’ve found a few you might be interested in!

First off Ressler’s Corn Maize in Arcade is definite must! I have to say this maize is one of my favorites that I keep going to back to year after year. Not only do they have different corn mazes that you can venture through (oh and one in particular is actually shaped like the WYRK logo!) but they have a ton of other activities that everyone in the family will love! When you walk in you can’t help but see the giant corn box they have set up right there. Even my boyfriend was caught digging around in the corn box with their digger they have set up there. He loved it! Then there’s a jumping pillow. It’s this 70 x 30 canvas pillow to jump on and this time you’re mother won’t yell at you for jumping on the good pillows! Finally they have built a corn maize bridge just so you can take a look from above at the corn. If end up only getting lost in one corn maze this year my suggestion is definitely Ressler’s! The Maize is located on East Arcade Rd in Arcade and is open Wednesday through Sunday.

Another great event you might want to check out this fall season is the Annual Pumpkin Fiesta at Becker Farms in Gasport. This one has something for everyone in the family to try! The fiesta runs every weekend in October. Listen to some of these events that the farm has to offer – Hillbilly Bob’s Pig Rock Derby which is Pig Races with Music, the Castle Labyrinth which you can get really lost in but come out with some fantastic memories, and even free live music from 1p to 4p. Along with that you can even take a ride on the Hay Rides through the forest and fields! Seriously that’s just the beginning of activities they have planned out for you at Becker Farms so go check it out for yourself. By the way starting October 7th and running till the end of October they start getting into the Halloween spirit with the Haunted Hayrides. First they let you wander through the spooky turns in the castle of Labyrinth then once through you’ll get to huddle with your friends as you take ride on the terrifying Haunted Hayride!

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