Today is a day that Buffalo Bills fans have been wanting and hoping for. A brand new stadium agreement that assures the Bills will stay in Buffalo for years, decades even, to come.

The Bills, Erie County and New York State have agreed on a new Bills stadium that will have a 30-year lease. The $1.4 billion stadium will be open air and an expected completion date of 2026.

It's a great deal for Buffalo and Erie County. The lease and agreement is structured to make sure the Bills never leave Buffalo during the duration of the lease, and if they do, would face harsh penalties for moving.

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$850 million will be public funded. $600 million by New York State and the other $250 million by Erie County. The rest will be privately funded, and any additional cost past $1.4 billion will be paid by the Bills and the Pegulas.

What about season ticket holders, though?

Jason Wolf of The Buffalo News reports that there will be 50,000 personal seat licenses that will go to season ticket holders, starting at $1,000. The rest will be single-game seats, which should work out to roughly 10-12k, if it's a 60-62k seat stadium.

Pegula Sports and Entertainment executive Ron Raccuia talked about the PSL's in regards to season ticket holders.

Raccuia did not get into specifics on price range, but said that it will be "we will not price them (fans) out of this market," said Raccuia. "It will be built for Buffalo."

PSL's are standard for new NFL stadiums. Hopefully, the prices are not too bad, but they will be had for each season ticket holder.

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