Monday, March 28th was a pivotal day for Buffalo Bills fans, Erie County, New York State, and of course, the Bills themselves.

After months of much-talked about speculation and reports of a brand new Bills stadium in the works, an agreement has finally happened.

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An agreement has been reached between Erie County, New York State and the Buffalo Bills for a new Bills stadium to be built in Orchard Park at a cost of $1.4 billion.

It will be an open-air stadium that will have a 30-year lease, per Ron Raccuia of Pegula Sports and Entertainment.

According to The Buffalo News' Jason Wolf, the new stadium will set its sights on opening in 2026, which is just before the upper deck of Highmark Stadium would need to be replaced, as per the stadium study findings in 2021.

For cost breakdown, $600 million will be from New York State. $250 million from Erie County and the rest from the NFL loan and the Pegulas. The Pegulas will be on the hook for any additional cost that happens between now and when the stadium opens (escalation of costs), per The Buffalo News.

50,000 personal seat licenses are expected to be part of the new stadium, which will be for all season ticket holders.

The agreement comes just in time, as the state budget is due Friday.

There are still hurdles that need to be jumped, however. Nothing is signed and approved just yet, but the agreement is finished, which was what everyone was waiting on.

The Pegulas released the following statement.

The total seating will be 60-62k, but it's unclear when exactly construction will begin.

The Bills are not going anywhere, Buffalo.

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