There is a new deli opening on Elmwood soon.  While they were doing renovations to the building...they found a bit of treasure behind their walls.

Zio's Deli is opening up on November 11th at 1055 Elmwood Ave.  Many people remember that as the old Poster Art shop.

If you've ever moved into a building and done some renovations, or simply done renovations on your own house, you know what it feels like to open up a wall and wonder, "what is behind this drywall?"

It could be nothing, just insulation and studs.  But then, you could find something like the new owners at Zio's found.

It was just newspapers to some people.  But for others, it's a bit of a time capsule.  The papers they found were pages of the Buffalo News and other papers from over 30 years ago (and some that were even older than that).

They shared the find on their Facebook page.

The first was a picture of an ad for deodorant.  This one looked really old.  It was for Dew Deodorant, an antiperspirant that promised to keep your secret.  What?  It was a secret back then that people had body odor?  I wish I could see the date on that one.  It even uses the tagline that "Dainty women won't run the risk of perspiration odor."

Another is a "Final" issue of The Buffalo News from October 26, 1988.  That's back when there were still multiple versions of the news that would come out throughout the day.  Michael Dukakis was in the news and the city was just about to show a $7 million surplus.  Margaret Thatcher was seeking a 5th term in the U.K.  The Sabres had just beaten the Devils and Gretzky was still playing.

It's amazing what you can find when you look behind your walls.  It makes you wonder what might be behind your drywall, doesn't it?

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