Business has been rough for theaters for years.  But the pandemic certainly didn't help.  Now, more theaters will continue to close across the country.

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We've often said that there's just nothing like going to see a movie at a movie theater. It's a whole different experience there.  The smell of the popcorn is the first thing that hits you. Then it's larger than life screens and incredible sound that you can almost feel. It's just cool to see a the movies.

Unfortunately, the cost to watch a movie and how easy they've made it to watch movies at home is taking a toll on the theater business.

Regal Theaters' parent company "Cineworld" has made the announcement that they will be closing 39 theaters across the country.  That is in addition to the 12 that they've already closed after filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in September.

They're hoping that rejecting the leases on those 39 buildings will help them save $22 million a year.

In New York, the theaters that will unfortunately be closing include:

  • Elmwood Center 16 (Buffalo, NY)
  • Ithaca Mall Stadium 14 (Ithaca, NY)
  • Cortlandt Town Center (Mohegan Lake, NY)
  • Union Square Stadium 14 (New York, NY)
  • Greece Ridge Stadium 12 (Rochester, NY)
  • Transit Center Stadium 18 and Imax (Williamsville, NY)

To see the entire list, click here

.They started out with 542 theaters when they initially filed chapter 11.  New York mostly avoided the initial cuts, but were hit pretty hard this time around.  Losing 6 theaters will leave them with less than 20 locations across the entire state.

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