The Buffalo Airport's direct flight reach is expanding! It was announced yesterday that direct flights to Austin and Raleigh/Durham had been added to Frontier's schedule. That's not it though, right now you can grab non-stop flights to those destinations for as low as $29 bucks!

Frontier joined the Buffalo Airport with their first official flights in and out of the city in early December with non-stop flights to Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Meyers and Miami. It marked the first and only city that Frontier serves in Upstate New York and the Ontario area. Frontier has announced that a direct flight Denver will be added in April when the direct flight to Austin and Raleigh/Durham.

With an added airline and added non-stop flights to major destination cities this just shows the growth not only at the Buffalo Airport, but also the city of Buffalo and the WNY area. Pretty soon the people sitting at the Anchor Bar waiting for flights will be people on a layover and not just people waiting for their flight to leave!

Get more details on non-stop flights from Frontier and book you ticker HERE.

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