So many new murals have been painted in the city of Buffalo the last few years and the latest one turning heads is asking its residence to keep Buffalo a secret!

We all know how great this town is. The food is fantastic. We get all four seasons (albeit, the lake effect snow is annoying). Great sports teams. Beautiful city and country landscape. The best part is the people who live here.

According to WIVB, the Buffalo-based lifestyle brand Oxford Pennant coined the phrase, who has made it a t-shirt.

Oxford Pennant co-founder David Horesh says the t-shirt caught the attention of the owner at 810 Main Street, where the mural is now located.

The mural was quickly painted, with the help of local muralist Ian De Beer.

“Those of us know live here know that it’s a vibrant city- it’s a great place to raise a family, the food’s awesome, we get all four seasons, and it’s a really wonderful place to live,” Horesh said. “When friends come to visit, they’re like this place is incredible, I can’t believe you live here.”

Horesh says he actually doesn't want to keep our city a secret but with the reputation, it makes the city a charming surprise when people do visit.

You can see the mural at 810 Main Street in downtown Buffalo.

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